Cheap places in central London?

Victoria Conlan vicky at
Tue May 11 15:16:19 BST 2010

(apologies for the late reply!)

>> (although watch out for late rooms - I booked a room for my brother and his
>>  gf and her daughter, it was listed as a 'family room', but it turned out to
>>  be a double bed which was smaller than theirs at home, and the 3 of them
>>  were meant to share it!)
> The third bed is the sofa.  If you want it and it isn't made up, ask at 
> reception.  When you fill in the on-line form, tell them how many people are 
> staying - they usually get it right.

Sorry, didn't mean Travelodge at this point, was referring to someone else's
suggestion of using  It was a random (but nicely located in
West Ken, iirc) small hotel, 50 quid for a room for the night.

> paid, it was excellent.  Over that Christmas, we strung together 11 x ?10 
> rooms and toured the country.  A week's holiday for ?110 was not to be sniffed
> at.  The minimum price has nearly doubled since then and it is tougher to find
> cheap rooms in the right places at the right times.

technically no, the cheapest available room now is 9 pound, during the
autumn sale.  I'm not sure when it runs from/to and what the availability
is, thoguh.  Probably none left by now.

Oh, and to the original poster - might also be worth considering eBay.  I
know it sounds a bit odd, but I have seen some good hotel deals (presumably
by the hotel owner, with rooms to spare) on there recently (or at least,
they look superficially good)

Right, sorry, I'll go back to sleep now.

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