baby friendly places in/around Farringdon / Holborn

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Wed Jun 9 14:36:26 BST 2010

Thanks, Steff & Caroline,

After a very long day yesterday (got up 5am, got home midnight, up
again to feed baby at 2am, 5am.. uuurgh), it looks like we'll be
staying near GOSH for a week with a 3.75 yr old and a 1 yr old in
november then again, in the summer.

> If the weather is good, go to Coram Fields.  Big spaces, nice cafe,
> extremely child-friendly, very near where you are going.

Looks just what we need for the oldest.

> Also nearby is the Brunswick Shopping Centre which has several
> restaurants - Carluccios has highchairs and baby-changing, Strada and
> Nandos has highchairs, Yo Sushi has neither - and there's a Waitrose
> and a Crussh bar if you want to grab some food and eat elsewhere.

We found Pizza express, but their highchairs aren't baby friendly (no
back support, or close fitting table) and they (along with most of
london, it seems) keep the disabled loo/baby changing locked to
prevent tramps/terrorists/addicts or something.

> If the weather is bad, I'd recommend British Museum for a nice place
> nearby to do stuff.  I wouldn't recommend the food though - far too
> overpriced and poor selection.

British Museum looked a great idea yesterday but we had our bags and
sleeping baby in pushchair and really couldn't be bothered messing
about with cloakrooms and carrying feed/bottles/dummys/nappies in our
bare hands lest we try and steal some priceless artifact using a
screaming baby as a distraction.

> If you can make it out to Bethnal Green, try E Pellicci, feeding the
> east end since 1900. Excellent, reassuring food and they're warmly
> welcoming to children as Italians tend to be. Also right next to
> Weavers Fields, a pleasant park, and close to the Museum of Childhood
> which is a good place to take small people.

All sounds good, just a bit of a walk and all the scary poor people ;)

I like it round there, but I'm not sure my other half would like
taking the little ones to somewhere that rough - I've seen the posters
in the policestation, much as I liked working and socialising there,
and was even surprised to have my wallet and it's full contents handed
in there ;)


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