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Dave Cross dave at
Fri Jun 11 16:02:50 BST 2010

On 06/11/2010 03:25 PM, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> During the beer track at the German Perl Workshop, I was asked
> "what's a good place to go to in London for an evening of stand up comedy?"
> and I had no clue.
> I said I hoped that someone on the list would. Will I be disappointed?
> [The definition of "London" has been clarified to be "tube accessible", ie
> "not 20 miles out middle of nowhere". Is this the point where some joker
> tells me that Epping isn't nowhere, it's the centre of the universe, and has
> comedians second to none?]

I got out of the habit of watching live stand-up almost ten years ago.
But as I walked past the Comedy Store a few weeks ago I noticed that a
good two-thirds of the names on the "this week's shows" board were
people who I remembered from when I was a frequent visitor to clubs.

The Banana Cabaret (upstairs at the Bedford in Balham[1]) was always
reckoned to be on of the best local clubs. Big names still appear there

Chortle ( is a good place to find out what's going
on where.



[1] It's a great club even if the walk home is more than five minutes :)

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