Damian Conway: Understanding Regular Expressions (properly)

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Fri Jun 25 11:14:30 BST 2010

>From my point of view: Pisa is Damian trying to give back to the Perl
community (by offering classes to YAPC attendees at well below cost)
whereas London is Damian trying to *stay* in the Perl community
(by earning a living at standard commercial rates).

In practical terms, the difference in pricing reflects the fact that
the overheads (and financial risk) of running a solo one-off event in
central London are quite different to the costs and risks of offering one
of eight classes at a heavily attended YEF-underwritten conference
in regional Italy.

Another way of looking at it is that those who can't (or don't care to)
take a week off work and away home, or who can't (or prefer not to)
travel to parts foreign, are still getting the opportunity to get some
useful high-quality Perl training, conveniently delivered to their home

It's certainly true that Pisa is *great* value for money...if you can
convince your boss that a week off plus airfares, meals, and
accommodation in order to loll around in sunny Italy...is an acceptable
business expenditure. For those with less enlightened employers, a
one-day professional training event in central London at standard
commercial rates might actually be much easier to sign off on.


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