Elizabeth Mattijsen liz at dijkmat.nl
Wed Jul 7 23:39:01 BST 2010

On Jul 8, 2010, at 12:25 AM, Gordon Banner wrote:
> On the subject of YAPC, has anyone else tried to book at the conference hotel and been worried at being asked to send credit card details by email?
> They won't accept the info by phone, and their online booking doesn't work for YAPC.
> So ... Am I being paranoid, or is email not a good place to be entrusting your secrets?
> Has anyone found a better way around it?

FWIW, I would *not* entrust my credit card details with an email.

Perhaps you can call them to give the cc details phonetically?

Also, as far as I know, the hotel is also bookable by Booking.com.


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