Geo::Coder::YahooPlaceFinder ?

Kaoru kaoru at
Thu Jul 8 06:54:47 BST 2010

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 3:19 AM, Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> wrote:
> Maybe that's your approach? One class to rule them all...

We [0] did sort of take that approach with Geo::Coder::Multiple - you
could certainly use Geo::Coder::Multiple as general interface for a
single Geo::Coder::* module by only using
Geo::Coder::Mutliple::add_geocoder() once. But Geo::Coder::Mutliple
needs some additional work anyway [1]. And it only supports Bing,
Google, Multimap, and (old) Yahoo at the moment.

I think the correct approach is:

   * Write Geo::Coder::Pluggable (one class to rule them all)
   * Write Geo::Coder::Pluggable::[Bing, PlaceFinder, Google, OSM, etc]
   * Write Geo::Coder::Pluggable::Multiple to replace Geo::Coder::Pluggable

Anybody out there got the time? :)

- Alex

[0] We at Lokku/Nestoria - Geo::Coder::Multiple was an internal
project that we put on CPAN

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