Security of HTTP based authentication

Smylers Smylers at
Sat Jan 15 09:01:19 GMT 2011

Ash Berlin writes:

> The other reason for using another domain (or multiple domains) for
> serving static content is that browsers will only open a fixed (4? 6?)
> number of concurrent connections to a single domain - by putting
> static content on another domain you get higher parallelism.

Looks like it was only 2 concurrent connections per site in Firefox 2
and IE7[*1].

IE8 and Firefox 3 increased this to 6

And in Firefox 4 it appears to be 15 (for a total max connections of 30,
so using more than two domains may not help).

So hopefully this will become less of an issue over time, as browser
developers keep up with increases in resources, so site developers don't
need to second-guess them.



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