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> On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 09:59:10AM +0000, Mark Fowler wrote:
> > Of  course, this will totally screw with your ability to type "#" if
> > you're  using the UK keymap (which is normally Alt-3) but you're all
> > using the  US or Canadian key map anyway, right (So Shift-3 is # and
> > you can  easily, you know, program Perl)
> Sensible physical keyboard layout has  been available as a build-to-order
> option on Mac laptops in the UK for about  2 years now. eg

Which I didn't know when I bought my last MacBook Pro in the UK. I wound up 
remapping a key and pretty ticket that Apple screwed up something so obvious 
(ooh, but the shiny!)

Here at, they handed me a new MacBook Pro on day 1 and it has an 
"non stupid" key layout. Seriously, has anyone ever heard Apple attempt to 
justify this idiocy?

(Ooh, my bad ... being able to type "±" and "§" are sooooo useful that I'm just 
overjoyed to sacrifice the "#" for them ...)

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