iPhone Barcode Readers

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue Mar 1 09:49:06 GMT 2011

Need some advice on iPhone Barcode reading apps - so I turn to 
london.pm, my favourite group of iGeeks.

My wife is a teacher and they're about to start a stocktake of all of 
the books in the English department. Rather than count them all, she 
wondered if there was an iPhone app that could help them.

Most barcode reader apps that I've seen will scan a barcode and tell you 
lots of interesting things about the product. That's great, but for this 
purpose we also need to count the number of times we've scanned each 
barcode. We'll also need some easy way to get the data[1] into a 
spreadsheet on a real computer.

Has anyone seen an app that does this?



[1] At a minimum, two columns listing ISBN and count.

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