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On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 21:10 +0100, marcos rebelo wrote:
> I need an extra information.
> Every head-hunter from London proposed me long term contracts, in the
> rest of Europe they propose a most 1 year contracts.
> What is different in London, that takes the head-hunter to propose
> long term contracts?

(a) They're not head-hunters, they're recruitment agents.  Head-hunters
are very very subtle, recruitment agents are not.  Head-hunters will not
approach you by phone or email, they'll meet you in person and get to
know you.  Recruitment agents wish that they were head-hunters in much
the same way that 8 year old boys wish that they were James Bond or

(b) Most contracts I've seen offered in London and the UK are 3 months
initially, with potential for extension (although they can last for
years if you and the company are both happy).  If you're being offered
something longer-term than that initially, it's usually a permanent
role, which has (usually) more benefits such as holiday and sick pay,
and a lower daily rate for that reason.


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