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On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 10:13:05PM +0100, marcos rebelo wrote:

> Since the offer of a Long Term Contract seem too easy, I was trying to
> understand:
>  - in which situation may a Organization fire a person that has a Long
> Term Contract?

Broadly speaking, failure to perform your duties, gross misconduct, or
the position being redundant.  The latter two mean things like stealing
from the company or punching your boss, or the job no longer needs to be

>  - How much do a Organization pays as Indemnization in case of firing?

Errm, what does that mean?  If you mean to ask how much of a pay-off do
you get, it depends on the contract.  The legal minimum is one week's
pay for every year of employment, with that week's pay being capped at
something I forget.  Most contracts that I've seen make it one *month*'s
pay per completed year, with varying stuff during the first year.  You
would also be paid for any leave accrued but not taken.

However, for gross misconduct you may not get anything.

>  - How much time do they have to give to the worker?
>  - If the worker decides to leave, how much time as he to give to the
> Organization?

Again it depends on the contract.  One month is typical, with three
months sometimes.

Permanent employees are entitled to 20 days (I think) paid leave every
year at minimum, including public holidays.  Most contracts for
programmers, however, are more generous, giving 25 days *plus* public
holidays.  Of course, in some industries they may need to have staff
available on public holidays, but in those cases you can expect to get
an extra day off to compensate - but again, that's all down to your
individual contract.

Permanent employees can expect to get paid when they're sick, provided
they don't take the piss.

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