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> On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 10:13:05PM +0100, marcos rebelo wrote:
>> Since the offer of a Long Term Contract seem too easy, I was trying to
>> understand:
>>  - in which situation may a Organization fire a person that has a Long
>> Term Contract?
> Broadly speaking, failure to perform your duties, gross misconduct, or
> the position being redundant.  The latter two mean things like stealing
> from the company or punching your boss, or the job no longer needs to be
> done.

In this point, the Organization may change my work and after say that
is no longer needed. Being fired because of that.

>>  - How much do a Organization pays as Indemnization in case of firing?
> Errm, what does that mean?  If you mean to ask how much of a pay-off do
> you get, it depends on the contract.  The legal minimum is one week's
> pay for every year of employment, with that week's pay being capped at
> something I forget.  Most contracts that I've seen make it one *month*'s
> pay per completed year, with varying stuff during the first year.  You
> would also be paid for any leave accrued but not taken.
> However, for gross misconduct you may not get anything.
>>  - How much time do they have to give to the worker?
>>  - If the worker decides to leave, how much time as he to give to the
>> Organization?
> Again it depends on the contract.  One month is typical, with three
> months sometimes.
> Permanent employees are entitled to 20 days (I think) paid leave every
> year at minimum, including public holidays.  Most contracts for
> programmers, however, are more generous, giving 25 days *plus* public
> holidays.  Of course, in some industries they may need to have staff
> available on public holidays, but in those cases you can expect to get
> an extra day off to compensate - but again, that's all down to your
> individual contract.
> Permanent employees can expect to get paid when they're sick, provided
> they don't take the piss.
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