Jobs in London

Victoria Conlan vicky at
Wed Mar 23 00:55:20 GMT 2011

> You're getting a lot of bikeshedding here. Summary: there's a
> shortage of perl programmers in London right now. Go back
> through and as far as I know, many of those folks
> are still hiring. I've had two contract offers this cycle with
> some other interesting things going on in the background.

Good to know.  Sounds like after 10 years of the Beeb I may finally have to
venture out into the Real World again.  :-/

Btw, Dave - the only place I know that offers a month's salary per year
worked is the Beeb, the next closest I've heard of is the CSA offer 2k per
year worked.  (Which I suppose may or may not be similar or more!)
Currently the BBC redundancy package is Very Generous, but I would not be in
the least bit surprised if that got chipped away in the same way all of the
other benefits have been doing in the recentish past.

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