Junior-mid level Perl

Victoria Conlan vicky at comps.org
Wed Apr 27 17:43:49 BST 2011

> Also: geek-operated mojito bars in the caribbean.

Having just returned from a slightly overly rich-Americans-taking-over kind
of trip to St.Lucia (got a bit fed up with "no, we're not rich American
tourists, we can't afford to pay you 20 dollars just to take a rope and tie
the boat to a bouy for me!" type arguments), I can tell you exactly where to
build it.

(Just as you come out of Rodney Bay, turn left, very nice white sand beach
  with lots of afore-mentioned Americans and American bars and hotels, and at
  the very /far/ end of the beach it gets a bit grubby and there are lots of
  locals ... and AnnaMarie's food shack type place.  Scary lady, very relaxed
  serving and eating, pretty reasonably priced and she probably wouldn't mind
  the geeky competition.  Although if you check the place out, do try out the
  spiced rum!)

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