Junior-mid level Perl

Victoria Conlan vicky at comps.org
Fri Apr 29 21:05:24 BST 2011

> 'Used' sloes can also be used in biscuits, flapjack and presumably
> cakes.  I was thinking of using up a cupful in a fruitcake this
> weekend.

Splendid idea.  I tend to win or come 2nd in the local gardening club fruit
cake making competition (yes, I was one of those who once came 3rd in a
competition with only one entry!  I think it may have been for my leeks) due
to the vast amounts of alcohol I tend to apply.  My next door neighbour (and
club president seems to consider this 'cheating'.  Pfft, I say.  And pfft

(nb, alcohol applied to the cakes, not the judges.  Although now I think
  about it, that doesn't sound too bad an idea either ...)

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