Reinstalling all modules on another perl

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Thu Apr 28 12:10:49 BST 2011

Can't you use the I left you with? :) That pretty much
loads the world...

On 28 Apr 2011, at 08:02, Mark Fowler wrote:

> Good morning List,
> As recently mentioned I use Perlbrew for all my Perl needs on my Mac.
> I'm currently running 5.12.3, but plan on moving to 5.14 as soon as it
> comes out (actually, I'd quite like to try the release candidates
> right now)
> This will require me to reinstall all my modules. Now, I could do this
> by writing some code to parse perllocal.pod and then using cpanm, but
> I'm feeling lazy this morning (I haven't had tea yet, and hey, it's a
> virtue) so I wondered if anyone else on the list already had some
> magic invocation that works
> Mark

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