Like Moose attributes, but not

Simon Wistow simon at
Sun May 22 18:20:35 BST 2011

Is there anything out there that gives Moose style 'has' with type 
constraints but without needing all the other functionality that Moose 

Class::Accessor and family are relatively lightweight and have a 
'antlers' option that emulates the Moose syntax but don't have the 
constraints system.

There seems to be quite a few on CPAN - David Wheeler's Class::Meta 
seems to be the closest I've seen so far but I rather like the 
declarative 'has' syntax of Moose although that would be relatively 
simple to emulate.

Bonus points: I'm actually using this for a REST based app so the 
ability to express ro vs rw for different roles somehow would be peachy 
but probably beyond the normal scope of things.

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