Devel::Cover with Moose?

Peter Edwards peter at
Mon May 23 12:17:47 BST 2011

After upgrading to latest NYTProf 4.06 I get fewer warnings

  82% ... Source for Moose generated method (unknown origin) isn't available
(/home/edwarp11/dev/generated method (unknown origin): No such file or

Then when I upgrade to latest Moose 2.0007 I get
$ perl -d:NYTProf
Couldn't load class (MooseX::StrictConstructor::Trait::Class) because:
Undefined subroutine &namespace::autoclean::on_scope_end called at
/home/edwarp11/perl_local1/lib/perl5/namespace/ line 57.

Upgraded namespace::autoclean from 0.11 to 0.12 and
$ perl
runs cleanly but when I run nytprofhtml I get
   0% ... Eval::Closure::__ANON__[(eval
113)[/home/edwarp11/perl_local1/lib/perl5/Eval/]:26] has no
caller subnames but a call count of 2
about 100 times

> [edwarp11 at wsfmas26 dev]$ perl -d:NYTProf
> [edwarp11 at wsfmas26 dev]$ nytprofhtml
> Reading nytprof.out
> Processing nytprof.out data
> Writing sub reports to nytprof directory
>   81% ... Unable to open '/home/edwarp11/dev/generated method (unknown
> origin)' for reading: No such file or directory.
>   99% ... Unable to open '/home/edwarp11/dev/accessor foo defined at'
> for reading: No such file or directory.

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