ActiveMQ (was Re: Devel::Cover with Moose?)

Peter Edwards peter at
Tue May 24 11:29:41 BST 2011

> > By the way.. how are you finding ActiveMQ, especially when interacting
> > with it from Perl?
I'm using it from Net::Stomp which had issues but now (version 0.40 on)
works fine for us.
Historically, ActiveMQ had problems with memory leaks though 5.3 works fine
for us. It is also the standard queue platform used more widely within the
One thing to watch out for is if you use non-persistent queues and don't
consume the messages eventually the server runs out of memory and at that
point (rather bizarrely IMO) still accepts TCP/IP connections but blocks
responding to requests. You do see messages in its log, though. IIRC some
people have had problems with high volume sites when the message packet is
over 2K and occasionally frames get dropped (so use a smaller payload).

We're using it in a fairly simplistic way, I write to a queue to notify
publishing events (start and finish) and we also wrote a node.js pub-sub hub which picks those up using and re-broadcasts by cometd to web
clients (in addition to handling other client-server notifications and
messaging). Seems to work okay. The JS code with node turned out to be
straightforward and easier to implement a FSA than say writing a Perl POE

Regards, Peter

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