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Uri Guttman uri at
Tue May 31 05:06:11 BST 2011

instead of showing random perl examples on learn.perl why not highlight
the good docs that already exist. the other day someone asked on irc
about some ref stuff and i pointed them to perlreftut. the tutes are
full of useful stuff but they aren't read by newbies (i know that from
many times telling them to read them). so highlight those on
learn.perl. excerpt them or describe why they are so useful. same for
the FAQ. i always tell newbies to read the entire FAQ even though they
won't understand much of it. it is to get them to learn what kind of
stuff is there and to learn how to read the docs. that is a skill you
can teach on that site with little effort. show how easy it is to learn
perl given the great docs that come with it. the docs are deep and wide
and scary but making a site that demystifies them will attract more than
one liners.

there are other ways too to make learn.perl better. use your collective
branes to do that instead of one liners. it should be a teaching site
that is the primary one newbies should go to. instead it is a backwater
with a single book on it.


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