Cool/useful short examples of Perl?

Leo Lapworth leo at
Tue May 31 07:31:15 BST 2011


Thanks to those who provided me examples.

I'm glad everyone else has had interesting discussions, it's obvious
that lots of people have opinions.. which is nice, though I'm not looking to
get into discussions, I'm focusing on building a website.

For those interested is going to have a few examples
(just to spice it up / get someone interested in what is possible), but for
this phase is mostly about:

1) Installing Perl
2) What is a command line (hang out on #win32 for an education in what
people don't know!)
3) How do I run a program ("I've got Perl installed, now what?")
4) What are modules / Installing modules
5) Using / reading FAQ's / Books and other resources
(I have created a page that lists ALL Perl Keywords and links
to the relevant perldoc page, so although 'perldoc -f while' does
not work, there will be a 'while' link on the site pointing to 'perlsyn')

Having been doing a lot of reading around this the perldoc's and
FAQ's really could do with more love - so if you have time please
try and get involved with those projects:

Perldoc: the /pod/ folder

Thanks again - I'll let you know when the site is live.



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