Perl under MacOS X

Leo Lapworth leo at
Thu Jun 2 09:10:52 BST 2011

On 2 June 2011 08:55, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:
> I find myself the unexpected caretaker of a MacBook Pro, handed off to me
> when someone at $JOB left recently. It's shiny. And very eye-candy-ish. But
> I am now wishing I'd paid more attention to recent discussions of
> OSX-related stuff.

Install any version of XCode... (you actually only need the 'unix tools' bit).

then from a terminal window run:

curl -L | bash

It will sort out your .bash_profile (if needed - so it looks at
.bashrc), install Perlbrew, setup perl 5.14.0 and also install cpanm

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