Perl under MacOS X

Peter Edwards peter at
Thu Jun 2 12:01:02 BST 2011

I went through setting up perl on a new mac book last month

On 2 June 2011 09:10, Leo Lapworth <leo at> wrote:

> Install any version of XCode... (you actually only need the 'unix tools'
> bit).
> Watch out for XCode 4  (and I don't just mean the *ridiculous* 4.5GB
download just to get a working gcc)
see the problem described at
that will stop PathTools building when installing perlbrew

fiX0r with
$ echo 'export ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386"' >> ~/.bash_login

then from a terminal window run:
> curl -L | bash
> It will sort out your .bash_profile (if needed - so it looks at
> .bashrc), install Perlbrew, setup perl 5.14.0 and also install cpanm
> Feedback / issues reports welcome, please report via
> Thanks
> Leo

Oh that's pretty neat Leo.  It would be great of you could add that to
which is where I went (top Google hit for installing perl on mac).

After spending some time trawling around and playing with
macports - only has perl 5.12
homebrew - no perl provided, I assume it expects you to use your system perl

I ended up using local::lib + perlbrew, which works well and got me a local
perl 5.14 without touching/breaking the mac system one.

For real dev I'm running Debian 6 under Virtualbox in seamless mode - sweet!
You can mix up your Mac and Unix apps and windows.
I copied it over from a Windows Vista host to Mac and it Just Worked.

For bonus points I guess we could build a VM with Perl on and add that as
another Mac dev option to the page
like these pre-built developer VMs for virtualbox:

Regards, Peter

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