RFC: Test::Copyright

Philip Newton philip.newton at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 06:37:00 BST 2011

What's the point of checking for a copyright ending date that matches
the current year?

Or perhaps I should ask, whom do you envisage running such tests? The
developer, or end users?

It's good for the developer, I suppose, but useless for end users - if
they install something that was last updated three years ago (because
it's been stable since then and no bugs were found nor are any new
features needed), then there's no point in having a current copyright.

Also, I'm not sure why the copyright statements in individual files
need to match the general copyright statement - if a given submodule
was last updated in 1997 and was stable since then, then I would
expect it to have a copyright of (say) "Copyright (C) E. X. Ample
1995-1997", and not to find "2011" in the copyright line just because
a new version of the module was released that modified other files in
the package - hence giving a copyright of (say) "Copyright (C) E. X.
Ample 1995-1999, 2005-2011" for the entire thing.


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