Perl 5 core maintenance fund drive

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We're talking about £100k a year here. That's 1000 people world-wide
donating £100 per year. That doesn't sound too unreasonable. There must be
far more people than that who have a vested interest in seeing Perl do well.
(There was more Perl is **** nonsense on the web last week.)

I can't see a timescale in the documentation. When will these two guys start
to starve?

I also can't see much about the bigger picture, but that might just be me
looking in the wrong place again. How important is this? Does it mean 5.16
and 5.18 won't happen or just that a few bug fixes will slip by a release or

Is this something LPM should be getting behind? Can LPW be used to raise
some funds?

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> Hence The Perl Foundation has launched a "Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund"

It should be noted that the form also allows *reoccurring* donations.
It was suggested at YAPC::NA (Hello England, I'll be back in a couple
weeks) that if we all give 10usd a month then that's not a lot of money to
each of us, but a lot of money overall.


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