Perl 5 core maintenance fund drive

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Mon Jul 4 22:28:26 BST 2011

On 4 Jul 2011, at 22:10, Duncan Garland wrote:

> Hi,
> We're talking about £100k a year here. That's 1000 people world-wide
> donating £100 per year. That doesn't sound too unreasonable. There must be
> far more people than that who have a vested interest in seeing Perl do well.
> (There was more Perl is **** nonsense on the web last week.)

There are a bunch of companies in London alone could pony up some money in
that range or more. It's probably more than the bar tab for some of the events
they sponsor :)

That's an interesting thought: put money in the kitty and get people to choose 
to leave it in there to benefit perl...

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