Smoking your own modules: What do you use?

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Mon Jul 18 10:56:32 BST 2011

Hey Mr(s) show some good to me!
2011/07/18 10:21:10 +0100 Mark Fowler <mark at> => To Perl M[ou]ngers :
MF> What I need to do is smoke my own modules before I release them to
MF> CPAN.  Ideally I'd like to smoke against multiple versions of Perl (in

I was impressed for this purpose with:

It includes the Devel::Cover, Kwalitee and many other adnvanced techniques. Of
course it should yell you if something's wrong with your MANIFEST.

You can also build a package for a distribution you like. Also, my latest perl
module's port was checked before commit with this:

although it's not a perl-based solution.

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