Digest, Vol 69, Issue 30

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Mon Aug 1 09:57:37 BST 2011

On 1 Aug 2011, at 07:17, Shantanu Bhadoria wrote:

>>> No, this is less :) We're trying to bootstrap something cool and have
> already
>>>> spent a bunch of money getting where we are. We are > < close to money
>> and it'll
>>>> be paid when we get it.
>>> is <--- *that* way ;)
>> I suspect that for now, I'm looking for the wrong kind of free. Also,
>> getting
>> collaborators from a community in which I'm known puts a moral onus on me
>> to
>> do *my* best to make it work.
>> Make sense?
>> Anyhow, I have some great suckers^Wvolunteers so far.
>> If anyone else is interested in doing interesting things (to me at least!)
>> with images on the internet, put up your hand. There are learning
>> experiences
>> for all :)
>> Is this free software that you are creating? Whats the rewards for
> volunteers(Suckers) other than the wise Perls of wisdom? :)

No. Hence the "IOU". I've got a couple of people I know interested already.
If the distributed, parallel development scheme works, I'll expand the team.

And thanks all for the amazing lack of cynicism!

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