website maintenance gig available

Daniel de Oliveira Mantovani daniel.oliveira.mantovani at
Mon Aug 1 14:01:08 BST 2011

I have :)

On 1 August 2011 09:44, Simon Wilcox <essuu at> wrote:
> I have a client that's looking for a new maintainer for a couple of
> perl-powered sites that we host for them. Normally we'd do minor updates in
> house but the amount of work coming up would require additional resources
> that I can't get in the time available & in any event development isn't
> really what we do.
> I'd like to hand it on or work in partnership with a capable individual or
> agency who can do both design and code.
> If there's anyone interested in this work and available to start in the next
> few days please let me know off list as soon as possible.
> S.


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