LPW 2011 carpooling

michael lush mjlush at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 11:59:58 BST 2011

> I'll be flying. I don't care much about saving costs - but I do care
> about saving time. Hence a plane. Haven't set dates yet; we might fly
> in early Thursday morning, and fly out Sunday evening.

I'm not sure carpooling would save a great anything... I did some back
of the envelope calculations
I don't think you could do it for any  less than £230.

90l fuel £100 (depending where you get it and neglecting 800 miles
wear and tear on the car)
Short stay saver on eurostar (~£120)
12 hours worth of driving munchies (£10+)

Given you can get a flight for ~£65 you'd need 4 people to get the
price below that and even Ryanair would give you a better ride.

Michael Lush

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