LPW 2011 carpooling

Merijn Broeren merijnb at iloquent.com
Sat Aug 20 00:17:12 BST 2011

Quoting Job van Achterberg (jk4 at xs4all.nl):
> Hi everyone,
> First off, for those who attended, it was great to see you at
> YAPC::EU::2011. 
> I've arranged to come to the LPW, but am wondering if any other Dutch
> people following this list are attending. Perhaps we could carpool and
> share transportation costs. I have no car, just a motorbike, and it'd be
> quite the drive.
Depends a bit on where you are in .nl. It's a bit under three hours from
Rotterdam in a car or motorbike to Calais. From Dover you can get to
London in 50 minutes. 

The big upside on going on the motorcycle is that England is a very nice
place to ride, Kent and Sussex, which are the counties between
London and Dover, have excellent roads for motorcycle riding. Per usual,
stay of highways and A low digit roads and it's great. It's riding on
the left of course, which takes half a day of getting used to for the
first time.

I travel between .nl and London extensively and there isn't much in it
timewise, the airplane only takes 40 minutes of flight, but getting to
any airport in London takes an hour (except for City and Biggin Hill[1])
and is costly. In .nl the same, except for Rotterdam if you live there
as I used to. With the hour in advance you need to be there (again,
except for City) and the faffing about getting out of the airport at the
other side (whichever way you travel), it's a 4 hour trip at best. With
the car or motorcycle I now do it in 5, and I get the benefit of
stopping for food in Belgium. 

[1] Private planes only, not really targetting the .pm audience :-) 
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