Writing About Perl

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue Aug 23 17:36:58 BST 2011

Quoting Leo Lapworth <leo at cuckoo.org>:

> On 23 August 2011 13:02, Simon Cozens <simon at simon-cozens.org> wrote:
>> On 23/08/2011 19:39, Dave Cross wrote:
>> > If a popular Linux magazine had given you the opportunity to write a 3000
>> > word article giving a practical project-based demonstration of  
>> how Perl had
>> > moved on in the last ten years, what would you do? What would you  
>> write > about?
>> What's changed in the past ten years?
> 10 years?... in no particular order..

[ excellent list snipped ]

> Sorry - I don't have time to write anything more than a cursory list, but
> there's at least a couple of articles in there,

There would certainly be several articles in that list if the title of  
the article was something like "what has changed in Perl in the last  
ten years". Unfortunately, the article (perhaps articles, we'll see)  
needs to be project based.

That means it needs to go from nothing to a cool working program in  
less than 3000 words - taking in modern Perl and best practices en  

If you want to see what we're up against, see:




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