Perl e-commerce?

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Thu Sep 15 00:44:54 BST 2011

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Wilcox <essuu at> writes:

Simon> PHP solved the problem of making web-based applications easy to
Simon> install. Something that all the 'big brains' of Perl still
Simon> haven't solved. Ease of installation leads to ease of
Simon> adoption. Hence why PHP has hammered Perl into the ground for web
Simon> apps.

I would humbly disagree here.  PHP won because Perl's equivalent
(mod_perl) cannot be "dumbed down" enough to run in a shared hosting
environment.  Perl is just too powerful.

And even though the big boys didn't care that they'd need their own
servers and deployed mod_perl on all the major web sites, the moms and
pops wanted shared hosting, and got it... with PHP.

Same reason MySQL wins the hearts of the moms and pops, and PostgreSQL
isn't there... again because of shared hosting.

So the real blame is on shared hosting, not the 'big brains' of Perl.

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