Should I get my mum a Kindle?

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Wed Sep 21 09:44:45 BST 2011

On 21 September 2011 08:04, Philip Newton <philip.newton at> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 23:21, Chris Devers <cdevers at> wrote:
>> Man, if only there were a way to get radio programmes, like, directly from
>> the radio. Right?
> Yeah. Especially radio programmes that you missed, so (a) you weren't
> there to hear them live and (b) you didn't think to program your
> stereo deck to record the show to cassette in advance. (Are there
> stereos these days that can record to CDs or internal storage of some
> kind? For that matter, are there stereos that you can make them record
> something on a timer?)


You can get DAB radios with PVR-alike capabilities, such as instant
rewind, EPGs, recording of specific programmes. The one I'm familiar
with[1] is the Pure Evoke 3[2] which records to SD card but I'm sure
Other Manufacturers are available. A quick search of the googles
indicates that it should be possible to get it to play any mp2s (and
possibly mp3s) it finds on its SD card, so that might be a solution to
the original problem.


[1] Because my mum has one.


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