Perl Skills Test

Jones, Christopher c.jones at
Tue Sep 27 14:51:52 BST 2011

On 27 Sep 2011, at 14:14, Victoria Conlan wrote:

>>> At an interview with Auntie a few years ago, they gave me a Perl script
>>> and asked me to highlight all the problems/errors in it. Not sure if they
>>> were flattering me, but I found quite a few they didn't seem to be aware
>>> of......
>> I've been on the other side of that interview. I was astonished by how bad
>> the script was.
> There are a couple of Perl tests at the beeb, but Dave will have been
> subjected to the Numpty-filtering-test that was on our team.  Last set of
> interviews I took, the person who wanted more money than we could offer was
> the one who scored lowest.   Strangely, he didn't even seem to have good
> Blagging skills.

That's a coincidence - I wanted far more money that they could offer me, I had rubbish blagging skills, and I'm guessing I didn't get the highest score either!

But it was 3 or 4 years ago, so maybe you're talking about someone else ;-)


PS I've since improved my blagging skills, would be happy with less money, and might spot a few more problems with the script than I did 4 years ago. Just in case Auntie is still hiring.....

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