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On 9 December 2011 06:54, Rudolf Lippan <rlippan at> wrote:
> On Thursday, December 08, 2011 at 11:23:35 PM, Kieren Diment wrote:
>> I suspect this is a symptom of the GFC rather than anything more sinister. I'm sorry you and your not-to-be colleagues appear to be friendly fire in this circumstance.
> I don't know if I buy that:
> 6 December 2011:
> "...Net-a-porte[sic] has decided not to build a team here
> in the US. Apparently it's half the cost for them to build a team in the
> UK vs. here in the US..."
> 7 December 2011:
> Posted:         December 7, 2011
> Company name:   Net-a-porter
> Internal ID:    Junior Perl Developer - New Jersey
> Location:       New York, NY, USA

Your recruitment agent could well be telling porky pies NaP, are a
pretty reputable outfit - anything you didnt hear directly from them
I'd take with a pinch of salt, and I'd never turn down another offer
without a written offer or signed contract, certainly not on the word
of a recruiter.

Could be worth re-applying directly to that ad, if you haven't just
marked your own card by your posts about them to perl lists



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