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Fri Dec 9 12:57:56 GMT 2011

Quite right, careless phrasing, I shall re-work it:

Building a team in the apparently UK costs half what it does in the US?  Wow,
and I thought all the IT projects were moving to India, (or Ireland...)!

Seriously, if some of these managers could get their heads around leveraging
the power of telecommuting project teams, they'd not have to worry too much
about the respective costs of having a team in any one country.  There are
certainly management issues with having a distributed team, but then, that's
what managers are there for, to "manage the project", regardless of location,
surely?  Making everyone come to school so you can see them doing their
homework, is a barse-ackwards project micro-management technique.

Just IMHO ;-)


Richard Foley

On Fri, Dec 09, 2011 at 10:30:37AM +0000, Adrian Howard wrote:
> On 9 Dec 2011, at 07:49, Richard Foley wrote:
> > UK programmers are half the cost of US programmer?  Wow, and I thought all the
> > IT jobs were moving to India!
> Cost of the developers is not the sole cost in building a team in another country ;-)
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