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On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 11:06:14PM +0000, ian docherty wrote:

> The small 'ping' of an IRC is less disruptive than a tap on the
> shoulder and you can complete your current work before giving it, and
> your co-developer, your full attention.

Doesn't work so well when the IRC window is buried under twenty other
windows because you're actually *working*.  At my last job (woo-hoo! I
can say that about the BBC now that I am unemployed - by the way, I
don't yet have any trousers on and had marmalade flavoured vodka and ice
cream for breakfast. Once I've put some trousers on I'm going to go
shopping for Lego) messages on IRC would go unnoticed for hours or
even days.  Likewise emails, because people would disappear into their

It's naive to think that if only you could find the right technology
everything would be puppies and flowers and chocolate.

It's hardly the end of the world to tell someone "I'll be with you in a
few minutes".

In fact, often it goes:

  Me:         [code code code code code]
  Supplicant: " Hey, Dave "
  Me:         " gimme a moment "
  Supplicant: " I'll put it on IRC "
  Me:         [code code code code code cup of tea IRC]

which instead of trying to solve a problem with Magic Technology is a
blend of technology and primitive caveman grunting, which IME works
better than either of 'em on their own.

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