lovefilm - spamming f-tards or decent employer?

Rudolf Lippan rlippan at
Thu Dec 22 19:42:17 GMT 2011

On Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 04:17:00 AM, Jacqui Caren wrote:
> Anyone else getting large volumes of UBE from lovefilm with the excuse

None here.  Do you know if it were an authorized mailing?

> that it comes from a thirdy party so please dont blame us for the large
> volume of abusive and desperate crap.

If LOVEFiLM actually used the third party excuse for a company that they
hired, it would be (for me) a red flag when evaluating them as a potential

That line makes it sound like either a) the company does not have the
leadership to prevent or stop a third party from acting unethically on its
behalf, or b) that the company is intentionally using a third party to conduct
business in unethical manner on its behalf.

Contrast that to something like:
  We take UBE very seriously, and we don't allow our third party vendors to
  use UBE to market our products.  We will investigate this matter. Thank you
  for bringing it to our attention. etc.  [bonus points for followup]

> I know business is hard, but spamming via third parties and hitting
> spamtraps and large numbers of role based business acocunts does not
> impress very many and certains gets your business added to
> traps.

That sounds strange.  Is it possible that someone is trying to take advantage
of a partner/referral program?  Are SPF/DKIM/Domain Keys indicative of the
mailing being authorized by LOVEFiLM?
I'd be interested in looking at the headers (offlist) to see what third party(s)
is(are) being used.

> Lovefilm is now on my shitlist for the next year.

I like that you included a time frame :) 


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