lovefilm - spamming f-tards or decent employer?

Egor Shipovalov kogdaugodno at
Fri Dec 23 13:31:56 GMT 2011

I can't comment on your UCE episode, but as someone who've been
contracting at Lovefilm for more than a year, I can confirm that
they're a very decent employer.

Best regards,
Egor Shipovalov.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 9:17 AM, Jacqui Caren <jacqui.caren at> wrote:
> Anyone else getting large volumes of UBE from lovefilm with the excuse
> that it comes from a thirdy party so please dont blame us for the large
> volume of abusive and desperate crap.
> I know business is hard, but spamming via third parties and hitting
> spamtraps and large numbers of role based business acocunts does not
> impress very many and certains gets your business added to
> traps.
> Lovefilm is now on my shitlist for the next year.
> Jacqui
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