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Nicholas Clark nick at
Mon Jan 23 20:13:32 GMT 2012

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 06:47:12PM +0000, Smylers wrote:
> Joel Bernstein writes:
> > On 23 January 2012 19:17, Smylers <Smylers at> wrote:
> > 
> > > I realize that I stupidly omitted to state that I'll be running
> > > Ubuntu on whatever I buy.
> > 
> > Surely not on a Macbook Air though?
> Yes. I'm currently running Ubuntu, on a laptop which needs replacing.
> It's almost certain that whichever laptop I buy will come with an OS
> other than Ubuntu, but I don't really care what that is.
> > It ships with a far superior desktop OS.
> Possibly (though I think that's subjective; I know people who've
> switched each way). I'm not looking to change OSes right now though, and
> would rather put up with the infelicities I'm used to rather than have a
> whole bunch of unfamiliar ones inflicted on me.

The cynic in me can't resist suggesting that if you just track current
Ubuntu, you can get all of the pain of progress-free change, without
actually needing to install someone else's OS.*

But I think I'd feel the same about upgrading this laptop from Snow Leopard
to Lion. In particular, the missing scrollbars.

I can't help with laptops. All the laptop hardware I've ever had experience
of is no longer in production.

Nicholas Clark

* If I need to build a new *nix desktop, it may well be FreeBSD, because the
  last time I had a FreeBSD desktop, I liked it much better than the mess
  that Linux installed. Currently I'm disliking what Ubuntu is doing.
  Although, much like Apple, I think I understand why they are doing it.

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