Laptop Recommendation

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Tue Jan 24 11:18:23 GMT 2012

On 24 Jan 2012, at 10:51, Kieren Diment wrote:

> On 24/01/2012, at 9:34 PM, David Cantrell wrote:
>> Just get a Mac.
> I tend to agree.  Although I have not 'upgraded' to lion, as given that I'm running a glorified xterm[1], microsoft office[2] and web browser[3] launcher, I don't really see the point.  
> [1]  Yeah I could use mutt.  Right now I'm not, although I feel that I should care more about this than I do.
> [2]  Which is the worst widely deployed software in the history of computers.  $boss[1] seems to think that I'm somewhat defective in holding this opinion.  However she's under the misapprehension my position is an opinion rather than a fact.  
> [3] Virtualbox works fine for needing to use IE given the current state of the market.

Air or 13" pro. Lion is fine. Plenty of memory.

I run an assortment of linuces in VMWare boxes and they're fine.

The Mac UI just doesn't get in the way, and the OS is rock solid.

Also: Time machine.

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