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Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at
Tue Jan 24 14:22:54 GMT 2012

My 17" Acer TravelMate 7720G has been running Ubuntu(s) very happily
with no power management problems. No, 17" and 6 kilos or whatever
it is shouldn't be called "travel-" anything, but it's basically
good old Acers being fairly Linux friendly. Has also ATI Radeon card
for graphics, also no issues. Automatically reconnects to the network
after waking it up, and the battery lasted pretty close to the specs
back when it worked (after 4 years it finally died).

But that Optimus is a bitch, because it was listed on over half the
laptops I was looking at, specifically Acers :(

Re Macs: if their hardware cost the same as a PC's, and I could run
some distro of Linux I rather like... oh and then I'd need to replace
anywhere a cable plugs in or pay 15 euros for all these special cables
(a friend has a Mac Mini and this is an issue that always makes us raise
our eyebrows). Oh and that Mac stuff only liked to work with other Mac
stuff: hooking up a non-Mac monitor to the Mini meant Safari's RGB
"correction" (along with their known gamma problem) makes sites' colours
look like crap.  Apparently Safari assumes Mac monitor settings.

Getting a Mac is going into a whole different world. You have to be
prepared to go the whole way if you want to take a single step in.


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:34:05AM +0000, David Cantrell wrote:
> At work I supposedly have a fully Linux-compatible laptop.  It ain't.
> In particular, suspend/resume *still* doesn't work properly at least ten
> years after I first ran into this problem.
> If I close the lid on this laptop, then:
>   * it gets very hot so is presumably eating the battery;
>   * it doesn't re-connect to the network when I open it again;
>   * I need to restart X for the second monitor to work
> I suppose that's an improvement over how Linux used to be - Back In The
> Day you had a 50/50 chance of needing to power-cycle after closing the
> lid.
> Just get a Mac.
> -- 
> David Cantrell | semi-evolved ape-thing

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