Laptop Recommendation

Jasper jaspermccrea at
Tue Jan 24 16:12:12 GMT 2012

On 24 January 2012 15:40, Philip Skinner <me at> wrote:
> Apart from the lack of a # key....oh and a crap enter key. Infact anything to do with actually typing is generally pretty crappy. Home and end don't function as nature intended (really really really annoying, until you change it).
> That new back animation in safari is pretty cool though.
> I own two macs, not out of choice, but to develop ios apps. Luckily both allow me to use my own keyboard as they are not laptops.

I'm using a MS natural keyboard with my Macbook at work, and it is an
exercise in frustration getting the keyboard mapping working correctly
at all times (the OS loves to randomly revert to the british flag
mapping, rather than the windows-uk mapping I have installed).


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