Laptop Recommendation

Smylers Smylers at
Tue Jan 24 15:41:33 GMT 2012

Chris Carline writes:

> The best laptop hardware is made by Apple. Unfortunately, whilst it's
> do-able, I do not recommend installing a non Apple OS on such hardware
> as whilst it's possible, it is a decidedly non-optimal solution that
> would place you amongst the Opus Dei of geeks.

Thanks for the warning.

> The solution is to run your favourite choice of OS on top of a VM. ...
> I would also recommend this setup for Windows-based laptops too. ...
> solves a lot of compatibility issues with non-standard hardware, power
> management and suspension support

Or apparently I can buy a laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed.

Dell's sales person has sent me a quote (without seeming to need to
discuss with me the matters he was so keen to phone me about yesterday),
and I was amazed to read it was for a laptop provided with Ubuntu
installed on it. It turns out it's even certified:

> I apologise in advance if this solution is insufficiently idealistic
> for your taste,

No, it's a good idea, thank you. If I end up buying a laptop with
Windows or OS X installed I shall definitely give it a go first.



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