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Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Jan 24 16:07:51 GMT 2012

On 24 Jan 2012, at 15:57, Paul Makepeace wrote:
> OS X has ^A, ^E, ^K baked (afaict) into the OS (surprising number of people
> don't know/haven't realised this!) Enjoy!

I think there are some other Emacsisms too - but I don't know enough Emacs to remember them. You can also get it to do filename completion in Open / Save As pickers - type ~ or / and it'll pop open a little panel into which you can type a filename using tab for completion.

There's the seed of an interesting category there: tech which shows signs of a geek friendly heritage. See also: Skype chat's use of IRC commands.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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