Dave Cross dave at
Wed Feb 29 16:10:59 GMT 2012

Quoting Christopher Jones <c.jones at>:

> I'm looking for a decent book to help get me up to speed with Mason  
> but could only find "Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason" on Amazon -  
> a paper edition from 2002 and a more recent 2010 edition on Kindle  
> only.
> I'm a bit old fashioned and prefer to have a paper copy that I can  
> scrawl all over - so does anyone know if/when the new edition is  
> expected in paperback and is it worth buying?

The book web site ( has no mention of an  
updated revision, so I'm betting that the later date on the kindle  
edition is just the date that the kindle version of the original  
edition was published. For example, the kindle edition of the TT book  
is dated 7 Jun 2011, but I know that's the same as the 2003 edition).

> (BTW I'm just assuming the 2002 edition is *way* out of date - but  
> correct me if I'm wrong!)

No idea. 2002 was about the last time I looked at Mason :)


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