Leo Lapworth leo at
Wed Feb 29 18:51:51 GMT 2012

On 29 February 2012 18:41, Jérôme Étévé <jerome.eteve at> wrote:
> On 29 February 2012 17:11, Leo Lapworth <leo at> wrote:
>> But not sure _why_ you want to learn Mason, if it's for an existing site then
>> the book may be of use.
> There's plenty of good reasons to use Mason (and it's latest Moosified
> incarnation), but here's a few:

Just for clarity, the _why_ was asking if it was for an existing Mason 1
site, or if he was starting a new project. Not saying that Mason shouldn't
be used (each to their own and all that).

Mind you at the same time, I wouldn't promote it...

I think it' is possible to create good Mason sites, I've just not
seen or heard of any that didn't end up being a twisty maze with
logic in too many places and little/no MVC separation. This was
all pre Mason2 which I've not looked at either so things may
have changed and as I say, I'm sure it is possible.


ps. always useful if your looking for
what some people think is currently being used in production by a lot
of clueful people.

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