A new leader is born...

Leo Lapworth leo at cuckoo.org
Sun Apr 1 16:42:37 BST 2012

Dear London.pm members,

It's been a year and a bit since I was given the honor of being your
leader and I feel I've kept to my manifesto:

1) Carry on as we are mostly, lots of excellent people already to
lots of the organising

Yep, Ilmari has done a wonderful job of having a pub that would let us
in every month, Leon has organised some great Technical meetings,
Dave has organised heretical meetings - and I didn't get in the way
of one of them!

2) I won't make every social, but I'll try make more than I do at the moment

I've not been keeping count, but I've been at more than I've missed.

3) Be open to other people wanting to organsie other stuff

London Perl Workshop, happened despite me, there were many
emergency meetings, I'd really love to see even more events, maybe
smaller group things getting more newbies involved, though that takes
organisation and time. We have the wonderful Damian visiting
us very shortly as well :)

4) I already maintain the website (with others) so I'd carry on with that

I did that, even moved it to github and recoded it to run on Plack, it's
waiting for us to switch over to a new server which will happen
when someone with a mailman clue can get round to it.

5) Will answer emails / act as point of contact for London.pm

I did that, mostly pointing people to either the website or mailing lists.

So, why am I reviewing this? - no, I'm not moving to the US before
anyone asks, but I have wonderful news...


Tom Hukins (who was in London many moons ago, forgot himself
and now has been reborn to the one true city) has agreed to take
on the role of Leader (and I didn't have to bribe him nor nuffink)

So I'd like to be the first to congratulate him and wish him
(and all of you) the best for the future.

I'll still be around, so see you at a social sometime!
(although not Aprils unfortunately)


p.s. London.pm has never been a democracy, just incase
anyone was wondering why I didn't hold an election :)

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