Setting Up PCs For Training

Mark Fowler mark at
Mon Jun 25 14:31:05 BST 2012

On Monday, 25 June 2012 at 08:54, Ash Berlin wrote:
> > From memory strawberry perl installs everything into C:\strawbery or similar - I think you can just copy this between machines but I don't have multiple windows machines to test this. You'd also need to setup short-cuts etc.

If you do this you'll probably want to install strawberry perl on each machine *then* copy the strawberry directory over since that way you'll have all the other stuff (start menu stuff, paths, etc) installed.

Two additional alternatives:

- What extra modules do you need?  Have you looked at  It's Strawberry + Padre (Therefore Wx::Perl, Moose) + Task::Kensho + Dancer & Plack + SQLite + database drivers for MySQL/Postgres/Oracle

- If that isn't big enough you could always repackage your own using the free packaging system that dwimperl uses -  dwimperl's iss file is here:


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